Star Box Food

Dear customers and friends,

We at Star Box Food have been grateful to serve businesses and individuals throughout the Bay Area, and it is with a heavy heart that we have come to the difficult decision to suspend operations until further notice.

From the time Star Box Food opened on April 1st, 2008 our first and foremost priority has been our customers, their satisfaction, and their well being. Like many businesses throughout the country and the world, at the outbreak of COVID-19 we realized that the most prudent and the safest plan of action was to temporarily close operations but as the virus has continued to spread and with the growing uncertainty of when most of the businesses that we rely on to serve, will be able to open, the only course of action left for us is to close our current Brisbane location and thus postpone our catering service.

However, this is not the end, just a time of transition!

Rustic Market of San Francisco Inc. the corporation that Star Box Food operates under will continue to exist and when the time is right and business can return to normal, we will be back in a new capacity and a new location. We were fortunate these past 12 and 1/2 years to have served numerous biotech companies, startups, and hotels, as well as individuals throughout the Bay Area and, will be honored to serve you again when the time is right. When that time comes you can be sure to expect the same level of care, dedicated customer service, quality products, and overall commitment we at Star Box Food have prided ourselves in giving all of our customers.

Until then we at Star Box Food wish you all the best through this difficult time, and want you to know just how much your business has meant to us, it has truly been a privilege to serve you.


Fabrice Boutringain CEO. and The Star Box Team (Brian, Edy, Werner, Edgar, and Salvador)

About Us

"It's All in the Box!"

We have been established since 2008 catering breakfast boxes, lunch boxes, desserts and snacks. We are committed to healthy food and work hard to provide excellent quality products and service. Our main business is focused on catering serving biotech companies for corporate meetings, special events as well as private parties. We also offer take out foods at our retail space in Brisbane.

What we offer

Big or small, we deliver for events as small as 1 up to a 1000 persons!


A Food Experience

It doesn't really count as a "break" if everyone sits alone and eats at their desk. With Star Box food catering, mealtime is actually downtime that your team can enjoy, together.


More than what is in the Box!


We've got the old standbys covered - fresh baked pastries, sandwiches, salads, you name 'em. But we also like to brag that we have plenty of stuff you DON'T find every day. Treat your team to some catered quiches, macaroons, creamy brownies and More!

Our Menu

Breakfast Catering

We can keep it on the lighter side with pastries and fresh fruit or go deep with with ham and cheese quiche, chocolate croissants or homemade cinnamon buns. However you want to start your day, we've got it covered.

Lunch Catering

Healthy, hearty, or a little bit of both? Our lunch possibilities are virtually endless, no matter what your team is hungry for. Try Star Box Food lunch catering and make that midday break count!

Our Cafe

Enjoy our hearty sandwiches, quiches, salads and desserts in our downtown Brisbane Cafe.  Our Cafe is open Monday to Friday 11 AM to 2 PM.

The Chef

Fabrice Boutringain is far away from his childhood home of Tours, nestled in the Loire Valley of France. There he got his start making candy and operating restaurants.   He then traveled to the US to manage restaurants in Maui, HI and San Francisco CA. 

In 2008, he launched Star Box Food specializing in breakfast boxes, lunch boxes, desserts and snacks.

“It’s All in the Box!”

With the support of his amazing team, he is proud to serve many Biotech Companies, Hotels, and Start Ups in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Known for his excellent customer service and delicious products.  “I am proud to do what I do on a daily basis; my best reward is my customer satisfaction!”

I hope you enjoy what we love to do!

Fabrice Boutringain